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The Lollacup before shark tank Many, if not all, children go through a sippy cup phase as their parents try to wean them. The Lollacup is an invention by a couple who came with the idea as they were going such a phrase with their young child. The product is a straw cup that is 100% spill proof. The best part is that it looks similar to a toy, making it an excellent choice for a toddler to use. The product is made in the USA, easy to use, easy to clean, safe (BPA/BPS-PVC-free etc). For a little more insight as to how they came up with this invention, we look to their story. Happily married couple Hannah and Mark Lim are excited to watch their 9-month old daughter drink from her first straw. Hanna and Mark 's pediatrician wanted them to use…show more content…
The wholesale price is $9.00 and all while the product is made at a cost of $4.50. By the end they have at least a few Sharks that are very interested. Lori Greiner loves the idea and focus of the product. To her pleasure the idea is great, unfortunately it is just not her usual market. Therefore, she declines. Kevin O 'Leary gives the couple a huge compliment, saying, "this is the New Sippy Cup" and goes on to praise them on their extraordinary accomplishment. For 50% share Kevin informs the Lims that he will give them $100,000. He also tells them that it would be more beneficial for the company if the cups were produced offshore so they can make millions. However, this option would then somewhat jeopardize one of the main themes of their brand, which is that the product is made in the USA. Mark Cuban wants to know about the sales agent that they just signed with recently. They pay the sales agent a 15% royalty on each lollacup sold. Robert Herjevic sees this deal as an obstacle. Daymond John matches Kevin 's offer with the possibility that they get out of the deal with the sales agent. Suddenly, the counteroffers being to

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