The Long And Spiritual Journey In Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

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Robinson Crusoe is a novel which is written by Daniel Defoe. In this novel, the protagonist is Robinson Crusoe. He is a rebellious, disobedient and thrill-seeker, young man. He lives with his parents, However, he has a profound desire for sailing. He tells his father about his desire/ or passion. His parents, especially his father, stand out against Robinson’s desire and warn his beloved son. Robinson was so overwhelmed with his passion that, no matter what his father says, he disobeyed his father and then sailed. This was the beginning of a long and spiritual journey for Robinson Crusoe. We can not separate faith and the novel from each other. This novel is full of lots of religious messages about faith, religion, Christianism and finding faith. Also, we should take Daniel Defoe’s life into consideration in order to understand and analyze this masterpiece. Daniel Defoe was a deeply religious Presbyterian in the denomination who treasured John Bunyan’s famous work of art: Pilgrim’s Progress. It is possible to say that Daniel Defoe was impressed a lot by John Bunyan’s idea of writing an allegorical novel. We can easily realize this fact since the…show more content…
He thought that God punished him just because he was not a believer. During his life on the isolated island, he reflected on God and religion. Then, he began to realize that this accident was not a punishment for him. Rather than a punishment, it was God’s will.God had pity on him. God wanted him to not only be a good believer but also find his way to providence.Therefore, he experienced these tribulations. Moreover, when he thought about why he was the only survived one, he got the feeling that he had been kept alive even though he did not deserve to be. Also, he had lots of things to be alive and healthy. That was a factor that makes him closer to God and religion, as

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