Long Christmas Ride Home Play Analysis

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When thinking about the production The Long Christmas Ride Home, I can say that I have very mixed feelings. On one hand, I don’t really like watching theatre productions that aren’t musicals. When a production is not a musical, I find myself drifting off into boredom at times. However, The Long Christmas Ride Home definitely kept me hooked and was unlike any production that I have ever seen. While watching the Long Christmas Ride Home, that biggest idea that I could take away from it was that I really liked the plot of the production. As I watched in the audience, I felt myself being on the edge of my seat just waiting to find out what was going to happen next. Even though I felt that way, I don’t think the plot was as developed as it could have been. Once the play came to a close, I remember being in my seat…show more content…
My personal favorite costume was the mothers’ blue dress. In general, I think the choice of costumes complimented the production well because not only did the choices give me hints to the particular time period that the story was taking place, but it helped connect the younger “children” to their older counterparts. Essentially, the costume choices seemed to be picked with good intention and really went along with what the story of the production was. For this particular production, I did not do much work with the costumes other than labeling the costumes and seam ripping one of the puppets’ vest. With that being said, since I played only a small part in creating the costumes of the show, my feelings towards the production was not enhanced by the fact that I did some work on the costumes. If anything, I just thought it was cool to finally see the costumes that I had been seeing on the racks for the past month and a half come to life on the performers. Altogether, for this production of The Long Christmas ride, the costumes were a nice

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