The Long Goodbye Case Study Dementia

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The Long Goodbye
Looking into this video, you see up close the trials and tribulations that not only the people with the disease are going through, but their families as well. Dementia has always been a fear because of the thought of not only your memories fading away, but your ability to perform your daily functions as well.
In the case of Tom and Brenda, Brenda seemed to have been in the last stages of dementia. Her brain function seemed to be very low and it seemed that she been dealing with dementia for quite some time. She couldn’t do anything for herself and her husband Tom was taking constant care of her. According to Dallos, R., & Draper, R. (2010), systemic thinking suggests that as a family dynamics change, so do individual identity and experience can change alongside it. In terms of Tom and Brenda, since Brenda has been changing over the years, he has had to change and adapt to what she needs and thus changing his identity and his experiences dramatically. One of the more eye opening aspects that was noticed with Tom and Brenda was how frail she seemed. Knowing that dementia takes away a person’s memory and ability to function in daily life, it comes to mind that Brenda is not able to do normal functions like going to the bathroom on her own or even get a drink for
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If a family makes a plan and sticks to it, dealing with it along the way may seem a little easier. We know that it is never easy to watch a loved one slowly lose themselves in mind and body, but this in life and life is full of unexpected things. The best way to get through it is to make a plan, find our as much information as you can, and get help as you need it. There are many people along the way that are willing to help, but letting go can be the hardest and most difficult thing that a loved one has to
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