The Long Hot Summer Analysis

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Mistaken Identity
The Long, Hot Summer composed in 1958, tells the story of Will Varner and his family; Clara Varner, Jody Varner and spouse Eula Varner. The family resides in Frenchman Bend, Mississippi, and a small town off the harbor. The Varner faces challenge of love, neglect, disappointment and resentment. Yet nothing prepares the family for the challenge ahead. Will Varner sees the challenge differently. He embraces it with opening arms. Drifter, Ben Quick arrives in the small of town of Mississippi in search of a new beginning. Ben attempts to escape the stereotype of his life. As a young boy, Ben witnesses his father burning barns of local townsman. He builds up the gusts to warn a farmer of his father plan to burn his barn. Ben, father flees the area, he never sees him again. Ben experiences the pain, lost, resentment, and fear. He resents his father for labeling his life.
Jody, the son of Will Varner goes through life just as Ben Quick. He refuses to defend his position. Until he faces total disregard from his father. Jody loses everything to a drifter. His self-confidence diminishes. He confronts his father only to bear more despair. Weary inside, Jody attempts to kill his father engulf by fire
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He owns most of the town. Will plays the ruthless and ambitious father of Clara and Jody. He demands greatness from his son and declares parenthood over Clara. In the movie, Will suffers from an illness that causes him to reevaluate life. He hopes to marry Clara off to produce grandchildren-boys. He pressures Jody to be a better businessman, but he fails. When he runs upon Ben Quick immediately he recalls his life as a young man. He plays hard to get with the local female store owner who adores him. The murderous attempt changes Will outlook. He connects with the solemnity he causes on his son and daughter life. He shows the soft heart of himself towards all of his
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