The Long-Term Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Although the affects that divorce has on a child differs depending on the child, and their unique circumstances, years of research continue to reveal the negative effects and influence it is has on children and the development of their personality. While it is not guaranteed that divorce will alter a child's personality, it does greatly increase the possibility. No matter what age a child is, divorce introduces a massive change into their life. Adjusting to this monumental life change can cause a child to suffer from symptoms of psychological distress, and emotional scars that could possibly last into adulthood. A child suffering emotionally from their parents' divorce could develop new personality traits as coping mechanisms in an attempt to deal with their deep and lasting emotional trauma. Usually, the most common personality traits that children develop in response to the split of their parents are negative. For some children, the divorce of their parents shatters their sense of security, and makes them question their confidence in the parents' abilities make decisions that are truly in their best interest.…show more content…
She claims that when the child experiences divorce at a young age, the impact of the divorce has a longer time to harm the child. She also writes that the reason divorce impacts younger children more harshly may be due to them having fewer cognitive resources to handle the impact of the dysfunction that comes with
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