The Long Walk To Water Analysis

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In the long walk to water, Nuer 's and the Dinka 's people are similar in escaping from the war. For example, in the text, it said, "He ran until he could not run anymore." This shows that salva is running away from the war. Another example is "She could even drag it behind her, bumping it against the ground and raising a tiny cloud of dust with each step." This shows Nya is walking slowly and looking for help. The Dinka 's and the Nuer 's people are different, Nya is having a better life {Nuer} and Salva {Dinka} is struggling to find his family. For example, "Nya 's family had been back in the village for several months, the day the visitor come." This shows that Nya is with her family. For example, in pg 52 said,"Salva had never seen
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