The Longest Ride Analysis

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The Longest Ride

This is a novel about two love stories, how one starts and another ends. It 's very tragic but at the same time it 's very inspirational. The tragic tale of an old man reliving his past with his wife who has long passed on and the start of a love through the rodeo. Ira, and older gentleman in his nineties, has been in a terrible car accident. He has envisioned his wife sitting with him and talking to him keeping him alive until help arrives. He was headed up to the place, that meant so much to him and his wife, on their anniversary. It wasn 't the anniversary of their marriage, but the day that he met his wife, Ruth. He was celebrating that anniversary because he had cancer and the doctors didn 't think he was going to
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Every year on their anniversary they would travel up to Black Mountain, which was a college that had shut down. This was where they spent their honeymoon, which started it all. Ruth was into art, they heard that there was an art convention at this college, so they went. This was when they had started their art collection. They bought several painting every year there, that was until Black Mountain shut down. They had made many friends with the artists and met with them at museums and continued to collect art. Every year they still continued to go to Black Mountain, because ever since it closed, Ira would write a letter to Ruth that said how much he loved her, and she would read it at the same spot where Ira surprised her with the first six painting he had bought for her on their honeymoon. This became the new tradition at Black Mountain. He continued to write her letters even after she passed, just because he loved her and missed her so much. Over the years, all the art had become valuable, to Ira and Ruth the value was the love they shared when they bought the art, for everyone else, it was the price that they were interested in. They had many big name artist like the De Kooning 's, Van Gough, and several more. The paintings where originals and a lot of them no one ever even knew existed until after Ruth
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