The Looking Glass Self Analysis

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In this essay, I would like to address question # 41: “What does Charles Cooley mean by the phrase “the looking-glass self”? What use does his concept have to your status as a student?”. This question is from chapter #4, which concerns (Socialization, Interaction, and the Self). The question is important to us these days because most people care about how others look at them and how they can judge by how we appear to them. Many people start to look at what people like to see in them, and they forget who they really are because they are so focused on what many people would think of them. Also, many people think that caring about what others what to see in them is really important to the point where they start feeling weird about themselves…show more content…
As a college student it really matters to me that I look as nice as I could because it gives the people around me a good since of who I am. Many students these days care mostly of how well they are dressed, and what brand names of clothing, shoes, and bags they have because it makes them think that they are cool, but for other students it is hard to afford these types of expensive brands. Moreover, it feels like that we are shaping our images on how people would want to see us, but in the end as a student I enjoy looking at myself and thinking that I'm beautiful and I would want others to think the same way about me. Also, changing your behavior in college to blend in with others, and to act differently so you can make others like you because I would think that they don’t like who I am. Clooley theory is true because I don’t see myself as who I really am as a student, I always think how to change myself, so I can make friends. Being a college student is really hard to be yourself because the world has changed in how many people think. Many people look more into what that person has to offer and not about who the person is, so I always think of how others want to see me because I believe more in what people say about me, which I think is wrong. Last, in my
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