The Looking Glass Wars: A Brief Analysis

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In The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, the story Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland gets told from a different perspective. Beddor takes Alice’s story and shakes it up a little bit. This time, Alyss is the princess and soon-to-be Queen of Wonderland. But she has to take a sharp curve when her evil Aunt Redd takes over their queendom. Her mother, Queen Genevieve tries to protect Alyss for the sake of the queendom so she can one day defeat Redd and become the Queen of Wonderland. In order for Alyss to return to Wonderland, her mother must sacrifice her life, Alyss, and the queendom. Beddor focuses on a lot of significant themes throughout the story, for example, devotion and sacrifice is showed throughout the novel from Genevieve, Hatter,…show more content…
He risks his life for Alyss and Genevieve, and the queendom. When Genevieve tells Hatter to take Alyss and keep her safe until she is old enough to take the throne Hatter starts to realize that the best thing for the Queen and the queendom was to listen to Genevieve, “Hatter bowed his head. His life 's mission was to protect the queen. So long as Genevieve lived, he should remain and fight the enemy. But he understood that Wonderland 's future depended on Alyss´ survival” (65). When Hatter takes Alyss through the pool of tears, he loses Alyss and he devotes his life to find Alyss and one day return with her to Wonderland. When he loses her, he has to find her, he is going to do anything to find her, “He planned to canvass the streets, search every lane and alley for the princess for the princess before moving on to another town or city. He would get maps, systematically scour this entire world if necessary, familiarize himself with intercity routes, pass across borders like a phantom. His promise to Genevieve, the queen he 'd left behind, demanded it” (82). Hatter will protect Alyss with all of his might, therefore that shows
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