The Looking Glass Wars Quotes Analysis

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Have you ever thought of what life would be like without guidance? In the book, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, Alyss is forced into this situation. This all stems from her aunt’s hunger for power as this is why her parents, the king and queen, are killed by Alyss’ aunt and why their heir, Alyss, is on the run. Led by her chief bodyguard, Hatter, she is thrown into a strange universe, but as they are transported through the pool, Hatter and Alyss are separated. The challenges that Alyss faces in The Looking Glass Wars are that nobody is there to guide her, her malicious aunt wants to kill her, and she is told she failed the maze.
To begin with, Alyss is hunted by her dubious aunt in an attempt to track her down and kill her. Redd, Alyss’ aunt, had her chance to kill Alyss, but instead chose to kill Alyss’ mother who was the Queen of Wonderland. With the king and queen gone, Redd’s only challenger for the throne in the near future is Alyss. Knowing this, she commands the Cat, her best assassin, to “‘Find Alyss and kill her’” (Beddor 67). This quote exemplifies the value Redd has put on Alyss by sending her top assassin. Alyss learns from this that power can sometime lead people, even
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I find the multitude of challenges that Alyss faced to be an intriguing look at life as we mature. Alyss overcomes losing both of her parents, who were killed by her power hungry aunt Redd. She also ends up getting separated from her most trusted bodyguard, Hatter, yet learns how to become more independent resulting from this situation. Lastly, she learns a very valuable lesson, when she is faced with the complex maze, to never give up. In the end, all of these challenges help to shape who Alyss is when she finally becomes the Queen of Wonderland. Are you better off facing numerous difficulties or being
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