The Lorax And Easter Island: Movie Analysis

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The two movies “The Lorax” and “Easter Island” have some differences and also some similarities. Bothe movies have examples environmental issues in them dealing with the over usual of natural resources. In the movie “The Lorax” a man named the Oncer-ler whom was warned multiple times about cutting down Truffla trees from the Lorax. The movie “Easter Island” also describes how the Polynesians used their trees for their own personal benefits. Both movies show that how a rich ecosystem that was full of wildlife and resources turned into a wasteland because of humans. First, both movies are very similar in terms of key environmental issues. In “The Lorax”, the Once-ler used up all of the Truffla trees to make the thneed which led to the extinction…show more content…
One difference was in the movie “The Lorax” the Once-ler was using technology. He polluted the air with gases which caused the animals to leave. The Once-ler also polluted the waters which caused the humming fish to leave also. As for the Polynesians on Easter island did not have technology so the used trees. Since the Polynesians deforested their island they ate all of the birds and fish on the island later moving to cannibalism. Last, in the movie “The Lorax” there was many examples of environmental issues. One example in “ The Lorax” was the Truffula tree which gave humans all they would ever need and it was called the thneed. The Truffula trees stood for earth’s natural resource. So if you think about Easter Island in 1700 A.D. the Polynesians were on an island which had an abundance of natural resources. For example, Polynesians created a statue which watched over them. In order to move the statues they used the palm trees, which later became extinct on that island. In conclusion, “ The Lorax” and “ Easter Island” taught me to conserve our natural resources. Also, the movies taught me if something is used, such as trees, plant more in order to make up for what you used. Once you run out of one resource don’t move to another in a short amount of time like on Easter

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