The Lorax Character Analysis

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“I am the lorax. I speak for the tree’s.” (Seuss). This quote, simple as it is, is one that can be recognized throughout the world. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is the enlightening story of a stout creature named the Lorax. He appears from the stump of a truffula tree that the Oncler had just cut down. The Oncler is a business man who seeks only money and is willing to destroy the environment in order to gain it. The Lorax, seeing the Onclers true intentions, attempts to stop him. However, his attempts are futile in the end, or so we think. Although all signs of life have disappeared from the area, there is still a single truffula tree seed that remains. The seed is entrusted to a small boy who the Oncler believes will bring back the lorax and his friends, thus saving the environment. The way in which this timeless children book teaches persistence, caring for others, and standing up for what is…show more content…
The Lorax demonstrates this throughout the colorful pages of the story. He first approaches the Oncler in an understandably calm and collected manner. However, throughout his visits to the Oncler the reader notices his change in demeanor. He goes from calm to rather frantic and angry. The important thing to gain from that is the fact that the Lorax did not willingly give up. He got frustrated and was making little progress, yet he did not give in until he had no hope of stopping the Oncler. The Oncler did not fully understand the lessons which the Lorax was trying to teach him, until it was too late. However, eventually he did understand that the Lorax had been right all along. Thus, proving that the Lorax had succeeded in his attempt to teach the Oncler about the environment. This example demonstrates how if people persist they will succeed more times than they will fail. It may not always be evident at first, but trust that it is just taking longer so that the impact is even more
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