Who Is The Beast In Lord Of The Flies

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In an atmosphere where the beast is real, policies and human morals lose their values and become utterly useless. The democracy that Ralph initiated disappears and yields to a chaotic dictatorship, with Jack at the head, which represents evil and the beast viewed as both a dread and a symbol of worship and reverence. The boys’ increasing allegiance to the existence of the monster is demonstrated in their impalement of the sow’s head on the stake given as an offering to the beast. Thus, Jack slowly gains power and authority by feeding on the islanders’ consternation. As the story evolves, the children’s dread of the beast increases. This is for the reason that Jack encourages the existence of the evil creature to the point that he convinces the boys to make an offering to the beast to appease him. “This head is for the beast. It’s a gift. The silence accepted the gift and awed them.” The previous passage demonstrates that the boys’ dismay of the Lord of the Flies is gradually growing. This is a result of the endorsement of such transcendental speculations by the leader of the tribe. Meanwhile, the tribe members will not dare to challenge Jack as he is the one that is believed to provide the shield that they all need against this evil creature: the beast. In Collins’s work, despite the fact that the leaders of Panem are barbaric and cruel, the…show more content…
Through their brilliant writing styles, William Golding and Suzanne Collins bring forth the power of fear. Indeed, each writer describes it from their unique perspective therefore enabling the readers to have a complete understanding of the latter. Whilst 18th century writers describe how terror is used to obtain power, Suzanne Collins describes the reaction of people to dismay. Thus, through various literary techniques, the writers convey the power of fear and the peril it can
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