The Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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The Lord of the Flies is a book that was meant to show the difference between survival and reality. William Golding has made a book that turns innocence into savagery. Ralph was still a better leader after Piggy died. Ralph became stronger, in becoming a leader and in becoming a new person too after Piggy died. Sometimes the one person to depend on is yourself. Ralph has to depend on himself after Piggy dies. He has no one to talk to for the events happening and how they had to be stopped. When Piggy died, Ralph had no one, because the boys were on Jack’s side. They had turned against Ralph and he was left alone. Ralph was still a leader, but for himself. Ralph was the true leader to begin with. In the beginning of the book, on page 138, he says “I’m chief then”. The boys voted on Ralph, because he was the one taking charge and he played along with anyone. After scary events started to happen, Jack was misunderstanding the problem, but Ralph saw it. Ralph tried to explain to the group they have to start taking control. The boys wanted to play and be kids. Jack took advantage of this by disagreeing with Ralph. The boys soon liked the idea of acting savagely and the “game” Jack was playing. People follow someone at some point. The boys wanted to fit in and have freedom. They’re kids and most of them are young, they’ll be cool with anything. Jack convinces them Ralph is being too serious. On page 295, “You go away, Ralph. You keep to your end. This is my end and my tribe.
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