Lord Of The Flies Evil Vs Evil

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Evil is a difficult subject. We know that evil exists, we see it every day. But since there is evil, how can there be a God? This dilemma has hundreds of explanations, many of which build upon each other. Even so, it is unsatisfactory and still debated. I will be explaining the Logical Problem of Evil and the Evidentiary Problem of Evil and then provide different explanations and theodicies, arguments for why God might allow evil, on evil. I will end the section on evil by explaining my opinion on the different explanations. Then I will give a summary of “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. From this book we learn about five types of morality relating to society. After explaining these points I will discuss Martin Luther King Jr. and…show more content…
This is the argument philosophers give in the Soul-Making Theodicy. If we didn’t have battles, than we wouldn’t experience courage. If we didn’t have poverty, we wouldn’t know about generosity. If there wasn’t unkindness we wouldn’t know kindness. One of the greatest human achievements is our ability to overcome difficulties. This very fact is the basis of the stories we tell in movies and books. If the protagonist did not have an antagonist to overcome the story would not make any impact on the reader. We know a good person because we have a bad person to compare them to. This idea of evil can even explain natural evil. People don’t only overcome evils other people cause. When a tornado destroys a town people come from all over the United States to help rebuild. When an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, relief came from multiple countries. Without evil there wouldn’t be a need to bring relief or generosity, or kindness, but we would not be challenged to be the best person we would be either. In his article “Why did God Let this Happen?” James Boice presented multiple examples of evil. One of these examples was the sudden loss of fortune or position. A person has a high position and makes a great salary when out of the blue they are fired or let go. It seems unfair. A second example Boice gave was death of a loved one. How unfair and evil it is for your sister or brother, mother or father, to suffer from cancer, or be involved in a terrible accident. In order to explain these evils, Boice gives four
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