The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry

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Journal entry Of an unknown date The last time I had written an entry was before I got on the plane. I had hoped for a new beginning, I was so tired of the boys at school teasing me all the time. Things didn’t get much better; in fact, I think they got much worse. And oh my, I survived an air crash, I have no words to explain how blessed I am, but at the same time this causes me extreme emotional pain. I am now so far away from home, and I can’t see my aunty. When we landed, I couldn’t see anyone around, except for the endless ocean and long stretches of beach. There was a terrifying heap of fire rising on the plane. There must have been other kids in it, I wonder if they had survived or where they have gone. Soon after I had landed on the island, I met a fair-haired boy named Ralph. There were creepers everywhere, making it almost impossible to walk without tripping on something. I remember looking into the distance and feeling a cold chill run down my spine, and the immense pain slowly take over me. The realization of this isolation hit me to the point of not being able to move or think. The worst part of all this is so far there have been no grownups seen around the island, which I’m really worried about, because there were no grownups around the boys at school, so they would pick on me. The island in many ways is exactly as…show more content…
You know, there were two people that could have been elected to be chief. Personally, I didn’t like either of them, Ralph seems friendly, but he backstabbed me by telling everyone to call me Piggy, and Jack seemed to just plain dislike me for some reason. But I got mocked at home, so why did I expect it would be any different here? Jack seems to be a heartless beast, when he stared at me with his piercing eyes, he had reminded me of the time long ago when my Auntie’s neighbour had brought home that wild wolf. For some reason, I have a bad feeling about
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