The Lord Of The Flies Informative Essay

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Informative Essay The Lord Of The Flies is a great book filled with events that have hidden messages. There are many allegorical connections that you can make in these hidden messages or symbols. The literary term allegory means a representative of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms. The most important symbols that make up an allegory in this book are piggy's glasses, the island, the beast, the adults and the conch. All the symbols in this story signify the world and Golding tries to find a way to compare or relate it to the real world. Golding writes this book in 1954 around World War II the literal main conflict was the plain crash and the consequences of that were the boys being stuck in this island for a long period of time. We all imagine an island being a wonderful vacation home where you can relax and leave all your stresses behind, but in this certain situation and book that’s not quite the case. The symbolic meaning of the island is how people take upon the evils of society. The evil that lies innately within the hearts of men. For example when Ralph…show more content…
Although in The Lord of the Flies the boys discover another powerful way it can be used after Ralph and Piggy find it by the beach. It it used by the leader to bring everyone together and put direction in their plans to come. The conch shell also acts as an actual vessel of political legitimately. Later on in the book the conch starts to loose its power because the boys act more savage and careless. This is relatable because we all have our own morals and rules we tend to follow, for example being good to your parents. Most of the time you try to honor that moral, but at times it slips up or you find something that distracts you. This is what happened to the boys in the story. It’s always best to come back to order and what brings you
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