The Lord Of The Flies Key Incident Essay

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Lord of The Flies “Lord of The Flies” by William Golding is a novel with a key incident. Goldings shows the significance of the key incident through use of characterization, plot, language and exploration of themes of innate. Savagery, civility, fear, violence and murder. The novel features a group of boys who are marooned on a tropical island. The main characters are Ralph, Jack and Piggy. Initially, the characters get on and create a civilsed society. However, the antagonist (Jack) undergoes a dramatic transformation when he acquires a mask made of clay. This mutates him, in that he loses all essences of his moral fiber. This is the important key incident as the mask influences his behavior as he instantly becomes a murder. The mask plunges the island into darkness and brings the character innate savagery. The key incident is when Jack puts on the mask for the…show more content…
That’s gone…The chief and Roger, they hate you, Ralph. They’re going to do you. They’re going to hunt you tomorrow… They’ve sharpened a stick at both ends.” Golding’s use of word choice in “never mind what’s sense” underlines the fact that “sense” doesn’t exist anymore and savagery has taken over. Civility has taken over taken over the island with the arrival of the mask. The word choice of “going to do you” fore shadows that the mask has made Jack irrational has taken his morals away. The writer’s use of word choice “hunt” echoes the fact he’s making Ralph sound like he’s an animal and they need food. The mask deprives any civility with in him. The word choice “sharpened a stick at both ends” mirrors the fact that he sees Jack as an animal, rather than a human with morals. The mask takes theses morals away from Jack. He is selfish and only cares about himself. The writer’s use of word choice of “hunting: alarms the reader as, he is acting like a human is an animal and he wants to consume Ralph. This is truly
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