The Los Zetas In Mexico

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Introduction: Mexico is known for its big connection between drugs, money, and violence. Money from drugs is a major part of the economy in Mexico. Most illegal drugs enter the U.S. through the southwest border from Mexico. They enter the U.S. through unsecured parts of the border, smuggling tunnels, or trafficking methods. Thousands of people are murdered throughout the year because of this dangerous business. (Figure 1) Many people who decide to go against the cartel, or not help them often become the victims. Figure 1-Homocide Victims (Source: MexicoDailyNews 2016) The government and government officials have tried many times to take control of this growing industry, but it has gotten far out of control. It is far beyond their control.…show more content…
They are major rivals of the Sinaloa cartel. At one point this was a small group part of the Gulf cartel. They were in charge of many of the murders. They were also once a part of the military. ( The last big cartel is the Gulf cartel. The Gulf cartel had lots of power and influence before what’s known as Los Zetas broke away from the group. They are known for killing many innocent people for no reason, or just to instill fear into the surrounding people. They are also known to get into big shootouts with the police. ( There have been tremendous amounts of organized crime and random killings since 2000 in Mexico. Ciudad Juarez is one of the biggest places where the drug trade happens. It is positioned across the border from El Paso. This is where most of the drugs enter the U.S. at. The crime rate in Ciudad Juarez is at an all-time high. Geographic…show more content…
and South America. They both have a major impact on Mexico’s culture and economy. For example, many predominately U.S. made places are making its way into Mexico. I.e. McDonalds. Also, it is vice versa. The Mexican tradition is really strong in the Southwestern states of the U.S. I.e. the Tex- Mex cuisine. Mexico has a system of states that make their own laws and they are connected to the Federal district, which is where the central government is located. The government is set up to protect the rights of the people but from the evidence of the fear of the cartel they are not doing a good job at that. The setup of the U.S. government is very influential on the setup of the Mexican government. This leads to the huge amounts of immigrants that try and enter the U.S. illegal, which then leads to overcrowding near the borders. Personal Perspective: I believe that in order for Mexico’s drug problem to be reduced the, demand for drugs in the U.S. has to go down. I believe that the government should take charge and eradicate the cartels by all means necessary. Mexico is a great place for farming and it can thrive well off of its agriculture, so its economy shouldn’t have to depend on
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