Causes Of Loss Of Biodiversity Essay

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Imagine a world where there are no trees, where there are dried up rivers, seas and oceans, where the animals are gone and will never come back. Imagine earth without life. Hard to imagine isn’t it? But if you think about it, sooner or later it will happen.
The life on earth is slowly deteriorating. If you have not noticed, the forests are balding, the glaciers are melting, and plants and animals are going extinct. We will no longer have sources of food, shelter, clothing and many other necessities in our lives. There will no longer be life on earth, there will just be technology replacing life, buildings replacing trees and waste replacing waters. If we don’t take care of the life around us, there will be nothing left for us. It is highly probable that our earth, which was once filled with color and life, would become dull and gray in the near future. Of course, we may prevent these things to happen. We should do everything in our power to keep our biodiversity alive in this world.
The loss and extinction of biodiversity may be prevented through the responsibility of human beings. This paper aims to explain what biodiversity is and its importance to our world, how it gets lost and extinct, how it will affect the world around us, how we can prevent it from happening,
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The loss of biodiversity causes reduced food supplies, health problems, loss of resources and the loss of balance of the ecosystem. The loss and extinction of biodiversity has a direct to human beings because humans depend on biodiversity for sources of food, health and other necessities. If biodiversity is lost, humans may not survive (“How does Biodiversity”, para 7). As stated by Bove, the balance of the ecosystem would also be lost because different species are interdependent with one another (para 6). If one goes extinct, one would lose their source of food or shelter, then they, too, might disappear and then the cycle goes

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