The Loss Of Iago's Mind In Othello By William Shakespeare

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Othello has really lost his mind in this act. Iago really got to his mind and was saying things that suggested Cassio and Desdemona had sex while in Cyprus. Othello even hit Desdemona in front of her cousin. Her cousin was very surprised to see this and even made a comment about how Othello is praised for being calm and level headed no matter what disaster arises. The cousin asks Iago about Othello striking Desdemona, and like the little weasel he is, he didn’t tell him this was the first time. Instead he told him to follow Othello and watch him because he knows Othello will kill Desdemona that night. Othello is filled with so much jealousy that he can’t see reason. Iago has brainwashed him so much he is to the point of no return. Emilia has tried to tell Othello that Desdemona has been a faithful good wife to him and the moment she leaves, he starts talking trash because he can’t believe it. I find it funny that she was kinda trash talking the person who told Othello wrong about his wife because in fact it was her own husband. When Desdemona is trying to plead her case he still doesn’t believe it and calls her the devil.…show more content…
He is the same old evil Iago. He even said “maybe they just laid together naked and didn’t do anything” which is insane for him to even suggest to someone so full of jealousy. Iago also told Othello that Cassio said that he was in bed on top of Desdemona, which is also a lie. He is probably happy that Othello is killing his wife because this means he can kill Cassio, his enemy throughout this whole play. Iago is a very smart con man and takes advantage of any opportunity that arises and I gotta give him props for that. His plans are so evil and smart. I think all of his little comments to himself about his plans are funny and really add something to the
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