The Loss Of The Creature By Walker Percy

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“The Loss of the Creature” is an essay written by Walker Percy that was first published in 1954. Percy makes an argument about how humans lost “sovereignty”. Sovereignty is defined as supreme power or authority .In his essay, Percy uses the word “sovereignty” as being able to experience things without anyone’s influence or opinion. In other words, he implies that people are unable to make their own decisions because their decisions are based on their expectations rather than what they actually experience. In his essay, Percy communicates well educated people who are also aware of technology’s advantages and disadvantages. He opposes technology’s influence on people. He also opposes people’s influence on other people. Technology has a great influence on people. Almost everyone in the world is distracted by technology. People can not live without internet, applications, social media and others that steels much of their time. Moreover, education is being influenced by technology. Technology has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is that it makes life easier and helps people with their tasks. On the other hand, technology distracts people a lot and as Percy argues, it distracts people’s attentions towards nature. Also, Percy does not communicate with people who are aware of technology but also people who are well educated to an extent that they are aware of Shakespeare’s sonnet 73 which he mentions in his essay.This also implies that he is contacting
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