Brief Summary Of David Pelzer's The Lost Boy

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Summary of The Lost Boy David Pelzer, author of The Lost Boy, shares his struggles of dealing with an abusive mother that lead to his life in foster care in his memoir. He details the beginning of his story by revealing the abuse of his mother who referred to David as “the boy” and even calls him “it”. While he has three older brothers the Mother chose David to take out her anger on and the family even referred to the abuse as “the family secret”. Forced to live in the basement, David tells how he dreaded every commercial break where his mother is forced to pay attention to something other than the television which was usually physically or verbally abusing him. David found himself looking forward to school which was the only place he was given food and dreaded the end of the day where he was forced to return to what he called “The House” and “The Family”. Never referring to the house as his home or the family as his…show more content…
Only caring about being accepted somewhere David found a friend named John who wanted David to be initiated before he could join his “gang”. He was ordered to slash two of his teacher’s tires and knowing what he was doing was wrong, he had more fear of being scrutinized by John and the rest of the school for being a wimp. John had a plan to set fire to the teacher’s classroom and had already set his plan into motion before backing out after a fire had already started. David was left behind and put out the fire but his trust in John was lost after John put all the blame onto David. After spending some time in Juvenile Detention David returned to the Catanze’s but was soon forced to relocate. In and out of foster homes David knew better than to get attached, but after being in a home with a woman named Alice and her husband, David was given a sense of belonging and love and finally had a place he could call
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