The Lost Boys Of Sudan Analysis

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The Lost Boys of Sudan is a very interesting film. I thought it was very well documented and did an excellent job at portraying the life of a group of boys moving to America from Sudan. It effectively portrayed the growth of the boys as the spent more time in the foreign land.
Although I felt that the entire film was very thought-provoking, the parts that had me thinking the most were the scene when Peter said “I cannot say America is good, or America is bad,” “I thought I came to America so I can gain something, but we don’t get it. We are just working for nothing” and the scene when Santino said “Back in Kakuma we thought America was so great. But now it’s clear, there’s no heaven on earth.”
At the beginning of the film, it was clear that not only the boys but the entire community was elated that a group of boys were being sent to the United States. However, little did they know the many hardships that they were going to
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They came to America for a better life, to become educated and learn many things to take back home to their country. However, it seems that all they do is work and with no potential of advancement. These many difficulties faced while in the U.S. evoked mixed emotions. Even though they have encountered all these hardships, America is still not as bad as Sudan in that they now have cars to drive, constant supply of food and very nice clothes. But as Santino correctly brings, every place has its downfalls hence there seems to be no heaven on earth.
Overall, I think that this film not only shows what working your way from the bottom in the United States truly entails but it also shows a different side to these refugee programs. It is great that they are bringing them to the U.S., thus opening them up to various opportunities, but some suffer more in the U.S. than when they were at home such as those who couldn’t find jobs after the 4 months where the YMCA was providing for
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