The Lost Boys Survival Analysis

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In order to survive in this world, people sometimes go to great lengths. Everyone, no matter what, have survival instincts that push them to overcome the obstacles they confront. In the magazine article, “ The Lost Boys,” three young African refugees survived predators, starvation and dehydration. Now they are hoping to start a new, better life in America. Civil war had their country in danger, and their families had been killed. Moreover, they were orphans. The boys walked many miles and along the way, survived attacks from bandits. When they reached Kenya, their numbers had been cut in half. Nevertheless, they kept their spirits up and had hope. After years of waiting at the camp, they were finally taken to the United States. They arrived in America confused by our technology. They had to leave everything behind in Africa, in order to have a better life. A second example is the movie, “A Good Lie,” where the remaining children of a tribe must stick together to survive. First, the kids lost their families. When nothing remained, they went towards what the elders called a safe place, Ethiopia. Henceforth, they walked a treacherous journey that was more than a thousand miles, and when they arrived they got…show more content…
During this time, Adolf Hitler was in power and Jews were being persecuted and killed. The Jewish people of Germany did the unthinkable; furthermore, they hid anywhere they possibly could. Anne Frank hid in an annex in her father’s office, other ran away to different countries, some even hid in the walls. Subsequently, the soldiers came to their hiding spots, and when they did, and the children cried, the parents took the blame so that their children could survive. So that their children could have better lives, they gave up theirs. The people that hid risked everything( food, water, warmth, happiness, etc.) to survive and yet, despite their greatest efforts, many of them

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