The Lost Chicken Short Story

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The Lost Chicken BANG! A loud crash and blinding white light awoke Alex, who was fast asleep in his cozy, two story farmhouse. “Goodness,” he said aloud in the empty home. “This is quite the storm. I’d better check on Higgledy Piggledy to see if she’s ok.” He leaped out of his bed, ran down the flight of stairs, and dashed outside in his striped pajamas to the darkened henhouse outside. As he slowed from a run to a walk, he began to recall memories of his little black hen, Higgledy Piggledy. She seemed to realize whenever Alex was near, then clucked furiously, letting him know her ten, profitable eggs were ready to be collected. This time, however, he didn’t hear the sweet chicken clucks that pierced his ears, like a broken song. This time, he heard only the silence of the dripping rain and…show more content…
Was she safe? They wouldn’t hurt her, right? These questions boggled his mind. Finally, the sun had cast its warm orange glow over the crisp, green hills. “Sunset.” Alex murmured to himself. At this time, he would say ‘goodnight, Higgledy’ to his prized chick. Unfortunately, though, he couldn’t. Instead, tonight he would search for her. At the darkest of dusk, Alex set out into the cold, once known darkness. He flipped on his now-very-bright flashlight and set out to creepy henhouse. It looked as if he were approaching a haunted house, for it looked old, musty, and roughly painted. Alex sighed, shivers sent up his spine at the thought of the empty coop. After his panic settled, Alex regained the planning of his mission. “If I’m going to find out where Higgledy is, I need to find more clues.” He spoke. He searched all around the coop, and shortly after, found a trail of small, black, speckled feathers. He looked farther down, to see this trail was at least a mile long. Alex carefully followed the trail for miles, his feet aching, until the trail took a sudden swerve into town. He
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