The Lost Eagle Of The Ninth: Comparing The Movie And The Novel

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In my opinion, the novel “The Lost Eagle of the Ninth” by Rosemary Sutcliff is somewhat more superior than the movie The Eagle. Though both have fine qualities and are well-developed, the novel is the original, it contains mainly more factual information about the Roman Period in British history, along with more advantages. I’m not trying to say that the movie is substandard, it also has many different and unique benefits. I plan to prove my argument by comparing and contrasting the story to the movie. I shall use any online sources that contain information about the movie, and I’ll use the book itself as well. I will also use evidence from the packet which contained questions we had answered that already discuss a little bit about the comparisons and contrasts between the movie and the novel. I intend to use this information, and prove my point, by using the…show more content…
There are no larger female roles, and the only time a woman speaks is during the Saturnalia Games; a single line is shouted. On the other hand, in “The Lost Eagle of the Ninth,” there are several female roles, some more sizeable than others. For example, we are introduced to a character named Cottia with whom Marcus becomes somewhat close with. There are also some female characters who are not as significant; Guern’s wife, some young female children, Sassticca, and several more. Also, during the Saturnalia Games, the book contains much more (and different) entertainment than the movie. At first there was a “small colonial circus” parading around the arena (gladiators) along with a fight between wolves and a brown bear. There was also a “sham fight”, as Marcus called it, then the grand finale: a fight to the death. In the movie, there is first a fight where men are hitting, whacking, and overall attacking each other using sticks. There was also some fist-fighting. Then there is an immediate jump to the
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