The Lost Erwain Analysis

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A unique world of fairies and mystical creatures set The Lost Erwain apart from other teen


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Does the story deliver on its premise?

Teenage struggles translate to all beings it seems, and while it can become a bit cliché at

times, the author still managed to deliver on the story 's premise.

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As a reader, did you enjoy the story?

Although the writing could be improved, the overall story is enjoyable.

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Are there any confusing sections that need to be made clearer?

The whole transition from normal human teenager to fairy happens quickly, and could be

elaborated on. No / Yes Yes

Are there scenes that should be cut or shortened?

The jump that Jeremy and Cee-Cee make from random strangers on the street to lifelong
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Who is your favorite character and why?

Tanker is the father that Makayla is estranged from most of her life. He is a caring fairy

who seems to have the best interest of his daughter in mind throughout the story. This

character is also humorous.

Who is your least favorite character and why?

When it came to overall contribution to the story in conjunction with the style in which

Cee-Cee is presented, as an uneducated girl who is reckless and sloppily written.

What three things did you like the best?

1. Overall plot is an excellent example of mystical and supernatural young adult


2. The variety of creatures found in this story was not overwhelming, which allows

the reader to connect with the main storyline.

3. Makayla is determined to fight for the justice of the marginalized and abused within this realm, which fits her strong willed character.

What three things did you dislike the most?

1. It can 't be stressed enough that haphazardly written characters can detract from

the flow of the story and this story definitely included characters fitting this


2. Clichés aren 't always negative, however, this story certainly has it 's
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