The Lost Generation In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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After the World War I, 1918, life change for many people. There were two classes - the wealthy and the poor. Women are compatible to do the work that men do. Also there was the “Lost Generation”. F.Scott Fitzgerald was one of the member of the “Lost Generation”. He wrote The Great Gatsby in April 1924. In 1917 Gatsby first met Daisy at Louisville and they fall in love instantly. But sadly Gatsby went to War, Daisy said she will wait for Gatsby but she was blind by the wealthiness of Tom and married him.After war, Gatsby tried to works as many jobs as he can become rich.Now he is a wealthy man who puts on all the parties and living the life of a luxury man. Every move he makes is to gain Daisy’s attention, to get her back. Body paragraph #1…show more content…
He provide his guests all of the luxury services. He eventually made it to the top class but still he haven’t reclaim Daisy Gatsby tries to invite Daisy to his house and to his party his bring up everything he has to Daisy. Until one day he confront to Tom that Daisy didn’t love Tom, told him that Daisy only married him because she waited Gatsby for so long and Gatsby wasn’t rich back then. “She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in her heart she never loved any one except me!” Daisy also said: “ I never loved him” which is Tom “ I loved him once--- but I loved you too.” “Daisy is leaving you” said Gatsby “She’s not leaving me” said Tom Eventually Tom said “You two start on home,Daisy,” “In Mr. Gatsby 's Car” As you can see, Tom actually really loved Daisy and so is Gatsby. But the way that Gatsby’s stealing other wife is just not right. And Daisy reaction is also not right too, love 2 guys at the same time.In my opinion, you can only give your heart to one people.I think that Daisy is being blind by the
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