The Lost Hero Analysis

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The Lost Hero The Lost Hero is the first book of the five novel series “heroes of olympus” by rick riordan. The genre of the book is young adult fiction. This book takes place in many places including The wilderness school, the grand canyon, camp half-blood, chicago, quebec, detroit, and san francisco; the time is present day.
The three major characters in this novel are jason grace, piper mcclean, and leo valdez. Jason is a child of the roman god jupiter, zeus in greek mythology, the god of the sky. Jason is 15 years old and has the power to control the winds. He is a natural leader and has a strong sense for for justice and fairness but he is also a kind and gentle person. Jason is described by piper as appearing “kind and gentle, but always
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They all play a part in the prophecy of seven where they’re supposed to stop gaea from rising and releasing every monster with the ability to not be killed. When leo was little he didn’t know how to use his powers and accidentally set his mother’s machine shop on fire with her trapped inside, killing her. Jason got his memories erased by hera and sent to the greek half-blood camp even though he’s a roman as a plan to bring peace between the two. Piper’s dad is a movie star and he’s been captured by the giant ,Enceladus, so he can manipulate piper into betraying her friends. She ends up telling everyone about his plan to kill them once they get there, the three and coach hedge are able to save piper’s dad and kill the giant with a lightning bolt sent from…show more content…
Coach gleeson hedge is a satyr, he’s a protector of the greek demigods and he escorts the kids to camp half-blood and accompanies then on their quest. Percy jackson is not in the story but he also gets his memories erased and is transferred to the roman camp to bring peace from the greeks. Hera, the greek goddess of family and marriage, is also a big part of the book because she erases percy’s and jason’s memories and puts them in different camps. Piper, jason, and leo have to save hera from getting her essence consumed to awaken , porphyrion, the king of
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