The Lost Letters Of Pergamum Analysis

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P.O. 4137 Question 1: The Main Plot-Line of the Book The Lost Letters of Pergamum follows a collection of long distance letters between the Apostle Luke and Antipas, wealthy and powerful Roman living in Pergamum. Their correspondence mainly deals with Antipas’ reading of Luke’s manuscript (Luke’s manuscript is the gospel of Luke). Through their writings, Luke encourages Antipas in seeking out a group of Christians so that he can read Luke’s manuscript with them and see how Christians live out the teachings of Jesus. Finding this agreeable, Antipas and his prominent friend Rufinus went to the house of Kalandion where a group of prominent Roman Christians gathered. However, the Christians at Kalandion’s seemed more interested in the powerful miracles that Jesus could perform then the actual teachings…show more content…
Amazingly, Antipas found himself helping the sick artisan and also starting a friendship with Simon, his former employee. Eventually, one of the Romans from Kalandion’s house and a personal friend of Antipas named Rufinus decided to join Antipas at the gathering of Christians at Antonious’s house. Unfortunately, Rufinus felt disturbed by the indifference to social class and how the Christians readily responded to the doctrines of Jesus. Consequently, Rufinus warned Antipas about the social contamination he could obtain through continuous visits with these Christians. Despite Rufinus’s warning, Antipas continuously attended Antonious’s meeting and learned more about the life and doctrine of Jesus. Interestingly, the friendship between Antipas and Simon continued growing to the point where Antipas and Simon found traveling to Caesarea together to be an agreeable prospect. Nonetheless, before leaving, Antipas met with Antonious’s group a few more times and continued learning about how Jesus’s doctrine inverted social norms, learned about the first rumblings of persecution against the
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