The Lost Symbol Analysis

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The Lost Symbol, released on September15,2009 and written by a world famous author Dan Brown. Born in June 22 1964, the American author famous for his thriller fictions like ‘Digital Fortress’ ‘Deception Point’ ‘Angles and Demons’ ‘The Da Vinci Code’ ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘Inferno’ has sold over 300 million copies. Dan’s novels are treasure hunt set in a 24 hour period and features the recurring themes of Cryptography, Keys, Symbols, Codes and conspiracy theories. There was alot of anticipation surrounding this book, since 6 years had been passed since the publication of his bestseller. The lead character in most of his novels is Robert Langdon, who is a fictional Harvard University professor of religious Iconology and Symbology. The book revolves…show more content…
Meanwhile, Langdon had met the uptight director of the CIA, Director Sato. Director Sato had found out about the hand and had wanted to know why there had been so much chaos in the Capitol Building. She x-rayed Langdon 's package, which contained a small marble pyramid. Later, Katherine meets Langdon outside after the explosion and begins to tell everything about herself and her past, and how it could be linked to not only her brother but the strange man. She begins telling her about how her life had started to become haunted. After her nephew had been murdered in a jail cell, everything seemed to become chaotic, tormented by the mysterious man- one who had murdered her mother, in disguise, and keeping Peter Solomon captive. In return, Langdon gives information about Peter Solomon 's Masonic degree. They meet Warren Bellamy, who tells them to meet Dean Galloway, a blind pope who will help solve the next clues and helps Langdon and Katherine escape from the CIA. After Langdon and Katherine recieved the advice from the blind pope, Langdon continues to solve clues from discovering secret engraving on the marble pyramid to transforming the pyramid to a cross, and encounters pale and eventually encounters the pale tattooed Mal 'akh. Mal 'akh had found out that Langdon and Katherine had deciphered most of the clues, and Mal 'akh had thought that Langdon had deciphered all of the clues. He drags Robert into a glass, airtight coffin and pumps water into the coffin, and that
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