The Lottery And Summer People Literary Analysis

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Stories can record many things, they can be something very interesting, something has deep meaning or something very horror, but the most important thing is how the author using the writing techniques to influence the readers’ feeling when they are reading the stories. In this two stories, the author used many writing techniques to influence people’s feeling by reading the stories. The first and second story is the Lottery and Summer People, these two stories were written by Shirley Jackson from San Francisco in America. She wrote these two stories by using many language techniques, such as Foreshadowing, Irony and Symbolism. So how does these language techniques influence people’s feeling when they were reading the story?

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He or she can interpret the emotional features of a sentence as excitement, frustration or irony. In the daily life, irony technique is to expose, criticize, or ridicule people or things with metaphors and exaggerations. Then in the two stories, author used irony technique in the articles in order to make some contents have a hostile mean. So as usual, here still have three examples about the irony technique. First one is the lottery itself. Second one is two men were discussing a town has stopped the lottery. The final one is in the Summer People. It is the same as the lottery, the summer people itself. In readers mind, they may think this writing technique will appear in the article very obviously. That’s not the case, the basic expression of the lottery as something, which in our normal life is generally a good thing, but evil is the main irony of the story. Author is in order to keep the reader from catching onto the basic thinking of the story. About two men were discussing stopped the lottery, this point of being uncivilized because they won’t perform the act so that the readers may certainly discover uncivilized is vital to the basic thinking of the article. Then the meaning of the Summer people in the readers mind which is someone is very worm-heart at helping others, but after reading the story readers will find that the villagers are all cold-blooded to the old couples. So the readers will
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