The Lottery 'And The Rocking-Horse Winner'

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Thesis: “The Lottery” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner” are different on how the author started their stories as the setting and tone, and also end their stories similar to one other by the conflicts of the death of someone.
I. Tone: The tone between these two stories are almost the same but different at the same time.
A. “The Lottery”:
• Happy, everyone excited for the lottery, until the end where the tone turned depressing, the winner gets stoned as their prize
B. “The Rocking-Horse Winner”:
• Cold and dark, she sounded kind of depressed. By the middle of the story it gets positive with son being lucky and then he dies at the end
II. Setting: The two stories have completing different setting places, but they both end in a horrible way
A. “The Lottery”: Warm summer day
• Clear and
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These two stories have different tones in the beginning but by the end they are both dark and sad. In the beginning of the story of “Rocking-Horse Winner”, the reader could tell the tone by the mother not being in a happy joyful mood about their living situation. Unlike the story, “The Lottery” where the audience would have thought that the story would stay happy, because of how the author describes the beginning of the story. The tone in “The Rocking-Horse Winner” did correspond with the action occurring in the story because the feeling that the mother gives off as well as the house makes the son want to be lucky for his mother so she would not be that way anymore. This forces him to make sure he rocks on his little rocking horse until he is sure of the winner in the next horse race to win money until that anxiety kills him (Lawrence, 1933, p. 175). The tone in the beginning of “The Lottery” does not corresponds with the action because of how the author described that everyone was waiting for the lottery to happen would not know that the ending would turn out so
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