The Lottery And The Swimmer Similarities

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The Lottery and The Swimmer, both short stories having different plots and main ideas. Both stories however, share similar themes. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson begins peacefully, establishing a calm feeling. As does The Swimmer by John Cheever. The Swimmer begins peaceful and gives an energetic feeling from the main character, Neddy Merrill. Both stories share similar themes but also have many differences that make the stories unique and leave the reader in a depressed state of mind. Its a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer. Neddy and Lucinda Merrill and Helen and Donald Westerhazy sit around a pool. They complain about their hangovers from the previous night of drinking. Neddy feeling young, happy, and energetic decides that he will swim home on this beautiful day. He feels like an explorer swimming across all the pools in his county. He begins to think about all the pools and all his friends that lie ahead. An innocent beginning and very similar when compared to The Lottery. It is a sunny, summer day on the morning of June 27th. Blooming flowers and green grass conjures a beautiful serene setting. Children are around playing and gathering rocks seemingly for no particular reason. In a village, the people gather in the town square at ten o’clock for an event. This event is very traditional. In other towns the lottery must be conducted over two days because there are so many people, but in this village there are only three hundred people. Due to the small amount
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