The Lottery, By Etgar Keret: Literary Analysis

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We all have our differences, from food to language to beliefs.We all have troubles accepting differences, though, even the author of this herself. Not accepting differences could be the fall of humanity. We all could go against one another, destroying ourselves in the process.If we keep discriminating each other this is a possible effect of it. Accepting each other's from, ideas to them being themselves, is the first step to building a better world. The first piece of literature is “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, which is about a sacrifice to a mythical being. “The Lottery” is a perfect example of how not accepting each other will be your downfall. The town wouldn’t accept the idea of ending the sacrifice like other towns did. This…show more content…
Which is about a magic goldfish, who would grant you three wishes, and a man that saves a boy. One boy chose to accept others differences and try to show them to the world. Yonatan, who was the boy, did a documentary on what people would wish for. “If you found a talking goldfish that granted you three wishes, what would you wish for,” Yonatan asked, this to different people and record them telling him. Yonatan didn’t disgrace anyone by their looks, or culture, he accepted all people, moreover wanted to show how diverse we are. Being this way, he did run into troubles here and there.One person, Sergei, accidently killed him, but, saved him with his last wish. Sergei did have a magic goldfish, who he didn’t want to give up because the fish was his only company. Though with saving Yonatan, Sergei lost his only friend because all his other wishes were used up. “Anything, the Russian said, not to be alone.” Yonatan put this in his documentary to show how different yet the same we are. Sergei only wanted to have a friend. Yonatan accepted Sergei wish along with many others wished, this attitude saved his…show more content…
Allen. In this one guy, Gregory tried to express his freedom by burning the American flag. This raised an uprising on what is worth expressing freedom and is defacing the American flag.”Each individual is to have the freedom to develop by his or her own lights, and not by the command of officialdom.” This states that we have the right to our own ways of freedom. To express ourselves, consequently, we would like. How are we supposed to embrace our difference but, do not offending anyone in the process? “We would be saying that the First Amendment protects expression only when no one is offended.” How are we to be free if no one accepts us as ourselves. We have to accept how others differences for them to accept
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