The Lottery Charles Manson Analysis

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Charles Manson was born into a family where his mother was an alcoholic and prostitute. Kathleen Maddox sold her son in order to buy alcohol. When he was returned she sent him to a boarding school, where he lived with his religious aunt and uncle. When he came back to his mother she rejected him and from there he lived on the streets and committed crimes, like car stealing. Soon he began to rob people and when he was sent to jail he rapped a boy by holding a razor to his throat. Once he was paroled he took two girls to New Mexico and made them work as prostitutes. He was later put in prison for slavery and human trafficking. When he was granted permission to move to San Francisco, he joined the hippie movement and moved in with a 23-year-old woman. From there he convinced her to get other women to join them, thus starting The Family.

He found a ranch for them in 1968 and convinced a family member to sleep with the owner to get free rent. He began teaching them that social uprisings were coming. The beetles had predicted social turmoil and the album was direct to the family itself. He said the Family was an elect group instructed the preserve the worthy from the impending disaster.

On August 8, 1969 he said “Now is the time for Helter Skelter” which meant the Family was to murder
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Charles Manson used things that they wanted against them, he found their weakness and used it to his advantage. In the lottery they did the same thing, they used that need for a good harvest to kill people. When comparing differences, The Lottery didn’t have a leader but The Family did. Manson had been manipulative his whole life, he manipulated people into joining the family and killing people they didn’t even know. In The Lottery they killed people they knew; they had their families partake in it. Though some may not be clear, they all killed people for there own

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