The Lottery Human Condition Analysis

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Dictionary describes the human condition as “the positive and negative aspects of existence as a human being, esp. the inevitable events such as birth, childhood, adolescence, love, sex, reproduction, aging, and death”. In the story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson there is a lack of human condition. Throughout the story the people seemed programmed to distract themselves from wrong, continue a tradition without question, and feel bad as soon as it happens to themselves. When the lottery takes place, the people of the town make an entire day out of it. When “the lottery was conducted- as were the square dances, the teen club, [and] the Halloween club”. (Jackson 17) The towns people lack a sense of what is right and wrong. They believe that this event happens all the time and it is not a big deal and therefore while they wait they should have a source of entertainment. The human condition calls for a moral code, or at least something for people to live by. Everyone in the town has been raised to believe the lottery is system where a person gets what they deserve and that is what they live by. To make the day a better day, the people have fun and dance because they don't know if that will be their last day. Since this town has been doing the lottery for over 77 years no one asks…show more content…
They think the lottery is a rigged program that shouldn't exist just because they have to die now. Before they were picked they saw the lottery as a just system that makes the person pay their dues to the town. When Mrs. Hutchinson was picked she yelled “It isn't fair, it isn't right”. (23) When the chosen person is about to lose their life they feel sad and fear. But before being chosen they a compassionless. In the human condition there is a sense of love and friendship needed in order to be human. Mrs. Hutchinson’s husband didn't feel any sort of sorrow before stoning his wife to
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