The Lottery: Movie Analysis

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After reading and watching the Lottery, I realized that their government used them to kill people for them so that they could get the crops. You could say that they were an outlet for the government. The government brainwashed the citizens giving them the impression that what they were doing was okay and it was no big deal. They told the people that it was a tradition and if they did not do it then there would be no crops for survival. The government was pretending that they were doing it for the people because they cared about them so much, when the sole purpose was that they wanted to have all the control. They instilled hope in the people by telling them that taking the crops was the only way for survival for them and their family. They tried to make the people feel as though they were being selfish and disagreeing with government regulations. They did not show the people any remorse and did not care that they…show more content…
That would be what if it was them or a close family member being stoned for the so call good of the government system. When I was looking at the movie, the government made it seem like the people would eventually get off the island and have this incredible life full of happiness. What was being told to the people was that they would benefit in the end from all the help they gave the government. The government made it seem like these people were human beings and not just a life insurance policy. Every year the people’s hopes were being built up of this new life because the government kept providing false hope. In a sense these people were in bondage and did not realize how crucial of a life they were living in. Reading the book and watching the movie made me realize how much a governmental system can brain wash the people when the persons believe that committing such an act like killing would eventually end them with a prosperous life in the
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