The Lottery Movie Analysis

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The Lottery is a “short-story” about a town that takes part in a fertility ritual. This ritual technically includes the murder of one of their towns-people each year. On June 27, the man of the house draws a card from the black box. Then, whichever family has the marked slip takes place in the second drawing. Where each family member picks a slip of paper from the box and the individual with the marked gets stoned to death. They do this because it’s a tradition and they believe it to be the reason for their town 's prosperity. We read this story in class and watched a movie based off of it. There are some similarities but the two are very different. For instance, the way the Lottery is done is the same. First, with the man of the house drawing a card. Then, each family member and finally the actual death by stones. “It isn 't fair, it isn 't right,” Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her.” Also, this happens with…show more content…
Finally, i’d say the biggest difference from the two is the man coming to the town to lay his father 's ashes on his mother 's grave. This happened in the movie and it made the story-line much longer and in my view more intresting. Him coming to this town, New Hope, shakes everything up. With the Lottery coming up and everyone trying to keep it a secret and doing everything possible to prevent him from laying his father 's ashes with his mother because of what he did at a previous Lottery. Little does this man what really goes on in this town and how much he affects it. To conclude, the short-story The Lottery, despite many things in common is very different from the movie. A lot of the differences are small, but some change the whole story, like the man in the movie. By giving his background before he goes to New Hope, then giving him a reason to go there, and making things look suspicious definitely adds to the story line. It makes the story almost a mystery. Small additions make big differences, which makes these two mediums very
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