The Lottery Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Lottery, a short fictional story written by Shirley Jackson was published in 1948 and was in the magazine called The New Yorker. It was the morning of June 27th, and was a bright sunny day with the flowers blossoming greatly.There was a village of precisely 300 people who all relied on crops for their income, they also all participated in The Lottery. This took place in the town square where Mr. Graves and Mr. Summers brought the black box and put it upon the stage. The people were gathered and kids were collecting stones. “Younger folks have given up The Lottery is what I heard . “ Said Mr. Graves. “Pack of crazy fools” Mr. Warner uttered. To begin The Lottery Mr. summers calls the head of the family which is usually the husband or…show more content…
One of them is that they use the same process for the movie and story. They do this by having the same black box, calling the head of the family up to draw a card, and stoning whoever draws the card with the black dot on it. They do this because if they didn’t it could give the reader and the viewer a confusing perspective of the movie or the short story. There is a number of similarities from the movie and the story called The Lottery. Specifically, there is the same people and it holds the same powerful tradition in the movie and the story. One example of this is when Mr. Summers makes sure everyone is there and is participating in The Lottery. Furthermore, this is the same tradition because of what Mr. Warner says in both the movie and in the story. He states that The Lottery in June brings the corn be heavy soon. In addition, this means that if the village delivers a sacrifice that the corn will yield better, or in other cases the farmer will get more money because of the highly yielding corn. This is important because it’s telling the same tradition and if it wasn't then the reader or viewer might be confused on what's
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