I Know Everything Happens When Jack Got Away Analysis

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“I know everything happens for a reason. But sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.” This is a quote that a poor boy named Jack tells himself every day. Jack is a 16 year old boy that lives in a very small home with his mother, Jackie, and his sister, Jenny. His father had a very bad gambling problem and wasted all the money they have ever earned, which is why he does not live with them anymore. Now Jack, his mother, and his sister all work at a diner that is near there home. His mother and sister also clean houses at night to earn more money because they need it for food and shelter. As Jack is walking from the diner today at about 9:00 p.m., he see’s a man that is going into the convenience store. The man is buying a lottery ticket…show more content…
Jack still does not know what he should do with the money, his sister had not come back home, and their mother is full of emotions because both of her children had ran away. Also everyone in the family is now feeling a lot of heavy emotions. Jack doesn’t know if he should buy his own apartment or go back home to his mother and apologize to her. He also starts to think that he was selfish because he wanted all the money to himself. His sister also doesn’t know what she should do because at the moment she is living with her friend, but she doesn’t know if she should go back to her mother. Lastly, his mom is very depressed because she had just lost the two most valuable things in life, her two precious children. Finally, both Jack and his sister, Jenny decide to do the right thing and go apologize to their mother. First, Jenny apologizes for running away and she promises to never do it again. Next, Jack apologizes for running away and for being selfish and greedy because he wanted to keep all the money to himself. Jack also apologized for wasting some of money that they had won. Lastly, they tell each other that they rather be poor and happy, than rich and
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