The Lottery Quote Analysis

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The need to cause pain upon others is a deep growing root of humanity. This root of humanity shows the dark side of human expression. That acts within humans attacked each other has existed since the beginning of human existence. In the story “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson conveys the idea of human selfishness and the need for humans to cause pain with the villager’s willingness to participate in the ceremony, the use of a scape-goat, and the want to cause pain on others.
One way Jackson demonstrates human selfishness in her story is with the willingness of the villagers to participate in the ceremony. The willingness of the villagers to participate is represented by the quote “At one point in the village’s history, the lottery represented a grave experience, all who participated understood the profound meaning of the tradition” (Griffin 45 Par. 2). This quote shows the way that people within “The Lottery” are able to follow a tradition like the lottery without any thought The ability of the villagers to drop all responsibilities to be a part of a tradition
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“It is fitted within the sociological context of the archetypal fall guy or else raises questions concerning Original Sin and mankind’s need to expiate sin either through personal suffering or vicariously”(Cervo 183 Par. 3). This quote presents the idea that there is a human need to cause pain or to be in pain to appease traditional and societal needs. These needs to fulfill the traditional and societal is further realized in the actions of Mr. Adams quiet objection to the Lottery, but when it comes to the stoning Mr. Adams was at the front of the crowd. Mr. Adams representing Adam as being the first “in the front of the crowd of villagers” and “with Mrs. Graves beside him” representing that humans existence also comes with the primal need to make others suffer and find a scape-goat (Jackson 314 Par.
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