The Lottery Shirley Jackson Conflict Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Conflict/Plot/Structure I. Introduction: Have you ever been in a situation where people have taken revenge or mistreated someone? It is revealed that society is the blame for people taking matters into their own hands. Man has witness many crimes and held accountable, but because it not about them nothing is said. How many innocent lives are ruined, because people look the other way? Going with the majority instead of the minority. Misery loves company as long as it’s not you. Misery is define as a “state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind and body” II.Compare When reading the Lottery by Shirley Jackson and the Destructors by Graham Greene how can you compare the two? In my opinion they both wanted some kind of justice. It did not matter what it was, who it was, something had to be done. Both lived in an atmosphere where they needed excitement, entertainment, something to do for that particular moment to fill a…show more content…
Every day is perfect, peaceful and no one has a care. It’s in the midst of nowhere. The town lives and breathes off of tradition and rituals. Which was handed down from generation to generation. From grandparents, to parents, their children and their children’s children. At some point in time the story begins to unfold about a secret that is horrifying, and unthinkable. An act of violence getting ready to take place. The destructors by Graham Greene, the author brings the reader into a war torn state of mind. The country in ruins from WWII and nothing is the same. What was once good is now just a memory? How will they survive? Everything around is destroyed, ruin, demolished, nothing left standing. One house that makes the gang think about the haves and have nots. The gang believes that if they do not have why should Mr. Thomas aka old misery have.
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