The Lottery Tolitarianism

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The story " The Lottery " has a lot of government structures confusing but able to find. For example , Tolitarianism. Tolitarianism takes place in the Major of New Hope and the Sheriff. The Major has the most , he control what the people do and how they do it. He decided what everyone did , what there job was and just about anything. The sheriff would just follow anything the major said to do. The Lottery is bout a man whose father died in a mental hospital , his fathers wanted his ashes to be spread on his mothers grave. So he found out where she was buried . She was buried in small town called New Hope. He asked if he could , but…show more content…
His grandmother showed him her death , he soon to realize that everyone had died on June. They figured out he knew , but not about his father. They put him in jail. Every year a father or man each year would go up to a box , grade a piece of paper and take it back to his family so everyone would open it together. If you had the piece of paper with the red dot, you would get stoned to death. The mans father protected his wife while she was being stoned, while the man has half alive they removed him and finished off his wife. His father escaped and told the cops . They thought he was crazy , so they put him in mental hospital .And that 's what exactly happen to the man when he escaped. The movie The Island and the Hunger Games have these government structures as well . Tolitarianism is the creator of The Hunger Games , Snow. He controls the game makers, who goes into the game , who survives and even the mentors. The Unitary System would be Katniss and Peeta. They are the stars , they must make everyone love them , they must have authority over the districts and makes decisions for them. But also can be a Central Government to. They can aline up with the other hunters and win together. The Island is
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