The Lottery Vs Destructors Analysis

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In this paper, we will compare and contrast “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Destructors” by Graham Greene. Both of these short stories find a common standpoint when focusing on realistic problems that we all could face in this day and age. But remaining unique, in its context and structure.

The Lottery Vs. Destructors
Both story plots transpire into unexpected turn of events rapidly. For instance in “The Lottery” the scenes changed from quiet laughter, and children playing to everyone in the town stoning Mrs. Hutchinson. Which can be compared to the scene in “The Destructors” when Mr. Thomas retunes from his trip early, and the boys must make a quick decision to abandon the house or destroy it.
The basic conflict of “The Lottery” and “The Destructors” can be viewed as individual vs. society. “The Lottery” expounds upon one person’s struggle against the mass population of this small town. All the events are considered normal
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at a farming village somewhere in England. With three hundred residents “The Destructors” is set in the mid1950s, at the Wormsley common underground station. In a gloomy area where bombs had previously fallen, it’s more of a hopeless dark environment. Nothing like a warm sunny, day talked about in “The Lottery”. The themes of these two stories are completely different, for example The Lottery focuses on the out dated traditions of a small town. The story shows how tradition can be unhealthy if there not thought out, and uplifting for all involved and how ordinary people can be vicious and cruel. While “The Destructors main focus is on the misanthropy, and destructive mind-set of a teenage gang that destroys an old mans home. Other contrasting differences between these two short stories are the endings “The Lottery” was unpredictable while “The Destructors” had a constant unvarying flow until the
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