The Love Between Odysseus And Penelope In Homer's The Odyssey

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In Homer’s epic, “The Odyssey” he illustrates to the readers a compelling love between Odysseus, the King of Ithaca and his wife Queen Penelope. The couple is separated because of the Trojan War when Odysseus leads his men into battle. Prior to Odysseus’ departure, he communicates to Penelope that if he doesn’t return to Ithaca within 10 years or if he should parish; then she should find another man to marry, become King and raise their infant son, Telemachus. Penelope is distraught at the very thought of him not returning, but gently replies that she will wait upon his return or until Telemachus grows a beard before remarrying. The author takes us on Odysseus’ journey back to Ithaca, but no matter the situation he encompasses, Penelope…show more content…
Wedding vows are a significant living commitment that couples share, and this remains as relevant today as when Odysseus and Penelope joined together in 800 B.C. Some men believe they are capable of having a physical and sexual relationship for another will not interfere with their feelings for their spouse. The reader may ponder if Odysseus’ feelings fall within this same category. Homer depicts some of Odysseus’ elaborate adventures, which involve other women’s lust for him and his willingness to oblige them. Calypso questions Odysseus about his love for Penelope, “You spend all your daylight hours yearning for her” (Homer 390). Homer wants the reader to believe that Odysseus’ love for Penelope is so pure and honest that he would not dream of another woman. Yet Circe and Calypso have little trouble in enticing Odysseus. Odysseus says, “My heart aches for the day I return to my home” (Homer 390). Nevertheless, that very evening Odysseus gave in to his physical needs, “made sweet love and lay side by side through the night” with Calypso (Homer 390). For many years this behavior has been seen as a double standard because it is widely acceptable for males while women are ridiculed for similar

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