The Love Of Architecture: My Love For Architecture

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The love for architecture in me did not come up all of a sudden, but it took years. Since, I was only girl child of my parents, the best companion I have ever had in my childhood is Lego blocks. I have gained dexterity that made me creative by making my own designs. Reaching higher classes, my parent’s concern about my studies increased and I was introduced to long time study hours. I used to take a break watching National geographic channel, I still remember it was the construction of “Palm Island” in progress (2007) and I was in my 9th grade. I was kind of fascinated by the synchronized laborious work of manpower and technology. This day I wanted to be involved in something that would give magnificent satisfaction when I make beautiful environments on earth. Soon I realised it was architecture, where I could just close my eyes and run my fingers while my wings flying and finally getting all those tiny captivating things in my mind on a piece of paper. It’s just magical. I wanted to be an architect. And, it was then my life changed forever, a dreamer to a fighter.

A conservative society , that could rarely ever spell “Architecture”, Male chauvinist opposing girls’ education, a mason and a contractor paid more and respected than an architect, Considering 5 years of Architecture degree good for nothing, Job of an architect done by a draftsman, An ambitious architect working in a minimal wage as someone who could just duplicate designs

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