My Reflection Of My Education

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In the several years of my education, I have improved significantly in areas I had done poorly on only years before. While I may have improved, I still have some downfalls and areas I lack in; this resulted in several experiences as a student that were made much more difficult for me due to my weaknesses. For example, my crippling fear of talking or speaking to someone in general due to a separate fear of people looking at me judgingly and looking down on me because of the person that I am. This of course is a concern for many people, not just students, but I didn’t just dwell on my uneasiness and instead used something else to drive me, my determination to do well when it comes to anything academically. This burning passion and love of learning…show more content…
I have experienced times in team work where my peers think that [it] is fine to slack or not give it their all or times where I still have an assignment that has not been completed even when the due date is nearing. Experiences can help me and have helped me to improve my academic success by teaching me lessons when and where to do certain things. However I do have goals I want to achieve. I want to be more comfortable around people and be able to easily talk to people without having to worry. Another goal that I want to achieve would coincidentally be goal striving, while I clearly will have to change quite a lot it would benefit me significantly in the long run. While my academic life is not near over I certainly know quite enough about the way that I learn and my academic skills and what my strengths and weaknesses are. After taking the ENGAGE assessment I have realized that what I would have identified as my strengths were ultimately true. I also realized that certain areas were hurting me a lot more than I learned that they were which will help me significantly in the long run. Hopefully in the later years of my education I will improve in these areas that I lack in now and become a more successful

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